Collaborate with mobility lab as a launching customer

Looking for a mobility solution? Perhaps one of our startups has the answer! Sign up and we will ensure an ideal match. Together we develop an innovative pilot tailored to your organization and bring the mobility solution from the drawing board to practice. Since 2017, more than 200 organizations and companies have preceded you.

What to expect:

We scout promising startups

We scout startups and pre-select the most promising startups.

Realize a pilot

Together we look for the smartest solution for testing in practice.

Working together with young, innovative companies

We link your challenge to one of our startups. We have years of experience in facilitating the matchmaking process.


You will receive support (such as: legal) from the Mobility Lab expert team to realize a pilot.

The current startups

Launching customers and pilots from previous years

  • DELA (EN)

    DELA (EN)

    Klup’s mission is to connect people within an active community. This ties in almost seamlessly with DELA’s bold goal to give more meaning to the lives of its members.

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  • Stichting Welzijn Ouderen (EN)

    Stichting Welzijn Ouderen (EN)

    Testing the first prototype of Scoozy.

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  • SmartwayZ.NL (EN)

    SmartwayZ.NL (EN)

    The dynamic LED road marking from startup IntelliLED is suitable for providing direction and/or guidance in parking lots. In the spring of 2022, this road marking will be placed on InnovA58, the test route of Rijkswaterstaat and SmartwayZ.NL on the A58 in North Brabant.

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  • Connexxion (EN)

    Connexxion (EN)

    Together with one of the largest passenger transport companies in the Netherlands, Leap24 is testing a charging plaza for electric taxi buses.

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  • Hub 010 (EN)

    Hub 010 (EN)

    At HUB010 on the outskirts of Rotterdam it is possible to carry out the last-mile route with emission-free vehicles. The company is pleased with the arrival of Mego Mobility. Joost de Maat of HUB010: “At our location we have the option to consolidate loads, temporarily store them or transfer them to one of our zero-emission vehicles.”

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  • Erasmus MC (EN)

    Erasmus MC (EN)

    In the coming months, Mobility Lab participant Mobimiles will work to reward sustainable travel behavior among Erasmus MC employees.

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  • Gemeente Helmond (EN)

    Gemeente Helmond (EN)

    Pontiflex installed two sustainable, biocomposite bridges for cyclists and pedestrians in the municipality of Helmond.

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  • Gemeente Venlo (EN)

    Gemeente Venlo (EN)

    Nice if you can read how many parking spaces are still available when entering a city. It would be nicer if you could automatically drive to a parking space reserved for you. This is possible if you could process all data from all vehicles driving in the city, the parking wishes and all available parking spaces in one system. The Amsterdam Peazy offers that solution. In 2019, Peazy helped the municipality of Venlo with decisions regarding their parking policy.

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  • Dura Vermeer (EN)

    Dura Vermeer (EN)

    RLG makes a sustainable finish for roads and bicycle paths, using recycled glass instead of crushed stone. The product will be tested in the Dura Vermeer laboratory in the near future, after which it can be used in large-scale maintenance contracts that Dura has.

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  • KPN (EN)

    KPN (EN)

    As of today, a KPN water taxi is sailing on the Rotterdam Maas. Currently with a captain, but with the ambition to allow the boat to sail autonomously in the long term, on the KPN network.

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