Current and previous startups

Since 2017, Mobility Lab helps promising startups from home and abroad with a first pilot in practice. View all startups from Mobility Lab here.

Sensor Maritime (EN)

Sensor Maritime has developed a sensor solution that makes the process of mooring by inland vessels at, for example, a quay or lock safer.

Student Mobility (EN)

Student Mobility provides mobility solutions for international students in the Netherlands.

Appacar (EN)

Appacar delivers customized electric shared cars from a postcode pool.

Buurtstallingen (EN)

Neighborhood parking facilities do not offer parking facilities at neighborhood level, but at neighborhood level, which are filled with partial transport.

Buus Mobility (EN)

Buus is a SAAS platform for organizing and optimizing shuttle services.

MyMove (EN)

MyMove offers car dealers, car rental companies and organizations with a company or service fleet the opportunity to efficiently share or rent out their fleet.

Real-Time Road Inspection (EN)

Real-time Road Inspection offers an app that allows you to digitally record the current state of the road or public space from your car.

Swugo (EN)

Swugo offers a subscription service that makes an existing bicycle electric.


THEO is Europe's first semi-autonomous delivery robot, especially suitable for cycling paths.