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Admit it. You do it too sometimes. Travel more often and further. Or have packages delivered. And then send some back. It does make our lives so much easier. But have you ever considered that we are all putting our mobility system under increasing pressure?

We need solutions! Solutions that keep the region accessible. That’s why Mobility Lab is looking for startups with a good idea. We make sure that it gets applied in the real world faster. “Don’t just talk – test” is our motto. In a one-year-long program, we connect promising startups with an appealing first customer with whom they can test and validate their mobility innovation. So that they make an impact on your daily journey! We have been doing this in the regions of Rotterdam, Brabant, Limburg, and – since 2022 – also in Utrecht.

What do we mean for:


Also in 2022, Mobility Lab is looking for startups with a promising idea in the field of system innovation, behavioral change, climate and sustainability, traffic safety and logistics and the liveable city. We help you to develop and test your idea and we offer support in your search for growth capital.

As a selected startup, you will receive financial support to conduct a pilot. In addition, we connect you with a first customer. That way you can test your raw product or service with the end user at an early stage. At the end of the process, we will put you in touch with potential investors to enable you to scale up.

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Launching customers

Mobility Lab is looking for governments, corporates, SMEs, or other organizations with a mobility-related challenge. We link their ‘challenge’ to one of our startups. We have years of experience with facilitating the matchmaking process. Together we look for the smartest solution for testing in the real world.

As a launching customer, you will actively work with the startup and create a pilot with an innovative solution for your mobility issue. At the same time the startup can immediately test its product in the real world. This makes it a real win-win for everyone involved.



Mobility Lab accelerates the development of startups which have completed the research phase and are ready to start testing. With a Mobility Lab pilot, we offer the opportunity to validate or demonstrate innovative products and services. And as a result, they are one step closer to true upscaling.

During the scaling up process, access to capital is crucial. That is why we like to bring our startups in contact with you as a potential investor. You witness the development of the startups, and you get time and space to investigate whether there are interesting propositions for you. This increases the chances of success for all involved parties!

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