Collaborate with mobility lab as an investor

Mobility Lab supports startups from home and abroad with smart ideas every year. After months of testing and development, their mobility solutions are ready for the next leap. Then it is up to you as an investor to enable further development of these innovations. Many investors have given Mobility Lab’s startups a helping hand. And with success!

Will you join us?

What to expect:

Step closer to scaling up

With a pilot we offer startups the opportunity to validate or demonstrate innovative products and services. As a result, they are one step closer to real upscaling.

Access to capital

Access to capital is crucial in this upscaling. That is why we like to bring our startups in contact with you as a potential investor.

Interesting propositions

You watch the development that the startups are going through, and you are given time and space to investigate whether there are interesting propositions for you.

Chances of Success

This increases the chances of success for all parties!

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