Appacar (EN)

Appacar delivers customized electric shared cars from a postcode pool.

Located: Kerkdriel (Gelderland) 

What product or service does the startup provide?
Appacar delivers customized electric shared cars from a zip code pool. On the one hand, this means never looking for an available shared car or a parking space in front of the door and no fixed parking costs. And on the other hand, it means fewer cars on the street, which means less parking space is needed and more living space remains.

Who are the startup’s products or services intended for?
Appacar’s end users are employees of companies and individuals in areas where having and parking a car is problematic.

What problem does the startup solve exactly?
The growth of shared transport can be done much faster, by not only connecting the car-free user, but by converting the car owner. Users expect a customer experience that borders on their current experience (car ready for use at the door) or better (including options and convenience).
For municipalities, it means less pressure on the infrastructure for installing hubs, permanent parking spaces and issuing permits.
For providers, the use of capacity is improved (less idle time = more money) and additional capacity can be deployed at an affordable price.