SONAH developed an embedded vision sensor, that aims to solve urban problems.

What product or which service does your startup provide?
SONAH developed an embedded vision sensor, that aims to solve urban problems. We install the sensors at streetlights or buildings to analyze it‘s surrounding. Once installed different applications can run on the system (e.g. smart parking, traffic analysis or bicycle tracking). Together with partners we developed new applications, like a trash detection system, which then can be made available to other existing customers. We help you to understand your problems and to improve your decision making. We are GDPR compliant as we don’t send or store image material.

Who are the products or services intended for?
Our first customer base were companies with employee parking lots, which want to help their employees/customers and visitors to save the time and pain to find a parking spot. After that we made the system available for cities to solve the on/off street parking issue for citizens and to help to understand the demand and detect parking violations (e.g. Here we are active on our own and together with large system integrators like SWARCO and VINCI. We also co-create with partners to find new applications for the open system (

Which problem does your startup solve exactly?
Cities grow and change over time. This Change is often hard to manage and the decision process is a wicked problem. Therefore, huge problems accumulate in modern cities. For example, 30% of inner-city traffic is due to drivers searching a parking spot. We help to understand your city and to make information-based decisions. New technology can be difficult for cities to manage and to organize. With the help of our partner ecosystem, we can provide you with the aid in planning projects, retrofitting the infrastructure, and integrating the data into existing systems you already work with.

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