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Het Timmerhuis, a multifunctional building including apartments, offices and retail spaces in
the center of Rotterdam, has been nominated for the Job Dura Prize 2018. The Job Dura Fund Foundation
supports and stimulates initiatives that sustainably innovate the built environment of large Rotterdam
and help it thrive.

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Gemeente Venlo (EN)

Nice if you can read how many parking spaces are still available when entering a city. It would be nicer if you could automatically drive to a parking space reserved for you. This is possible if you could process all data from all vehicles driving in the city, the parking wishes and all available parking spaces in one system. The Amsterdam Peazy offers that solution. In 2019, Peazy helped the municipality of Venlo with decisions regarding their parking policy.

Provincie Zuid-Holland (EN)

We all wheel makes young people in particular aware of bastard behavior in traffic. They are going to work in the province of South Holland with a campaign in which they use extreme athletes and social media such as TikTok.