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Technology start-up, Dreamwaves, has added a new bike interface to waveOut, its spatial audio and augmented reality navigation app. Merging tech, innovation and inclusion the spatial audio features have been designed for safe and ‘mindful’ riding.

The new waveOut features for cyclists include 3D audio design that informs with some seconds in advance where to go, so they can signal for turns. The app also has a new interface specially designed for bikers that informs the user about ground elevation, how many kilometres are left, how much time and how many soundWaves until the destination.

Hands-free, screen-free navigation

“Sound is a more intuitive navigation tool than digital maps, and more intuitive means more inclusive: the easier it is to use, it means more people can use it,” explains Hugo Furtado, Dreamwaves’s Founder and CEO. “We are focusing on cyclists now because looking at your phone during cycling is not safe, and our product allows hands-free, screen-free navigation. Essentially it means safer, more mindful bike rides”.

Essentially it means safer, more mindful bike rides

Furtado describes the rides with waveOut as “mindful” because with the app you don’t need to follow verbal instructions, as with other navigation products: “You can choose between a relaxing melody or a drumbeat, and you will follow those sounds until reaching your destination. We call these cues soundWaves. The objective is to not overload one’s mind, so when cycling, you can enjoy the moment without the need to look at a map on your phone or to pay too much attention to instructions telling you where to turn next.”

Further development coming

For now, the phone needs to be attached to the handlebar and slightly tilted up: the phone’s camera needs to see what’s in front of the bike, so the app can guide the user with high accuracy. But the Dreamwaves team is already working on a version where cyclists (and everyone) will be able to keep their phones in their pockets.

The new cycling features are available for free when downloading waveOut in the App Store. The app is only available for iOS at the moment, but an Android version is being launched soon.

Bron: BikeEurope

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