Don’t just talk - test

Admit it. You do it too sometimes. Travel more often and further. Or have packages delivered. And then send some back. It does make our lives so much easier. But have you ever considered that we are all putting our mobility system under increasing pressure? We need solutions! Solutions that keep the region accessible. That’s why Mobility Lab is looking for startups with a good idea. We make sure that it gets applied in the real world faster. “Don’t just talk – test” is our motto. In a 9-month-long program, we connect promising startups with an appealing first customer with whom they can test and validate their mobility innovation. So that they make an impact on your daily journey! We have been doing this in the regions of Rotterdam, Brabant, and Limburg since 2017.

We selected 25 startups with smart ideas in the field of smart mobility, sustainability (CO2 and particulate matter reduction), infrastructure (sustainable use of materials) or logistics (inland shipping and mobility on the road) for the 2021 edition. Go to the page Startup and read more. You can read more about the companies and governments where the startups will test on the Launching Customers page. On the Challenges page, you can see which mobility problems the startups will try to solve.

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