SolarOnTop : the future is on the roof (EN)

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“If you have two hundred crazy people like us, then the whole climate problem is solved”

What does IM Efficiency do?
With IM Efficiency we have developed a technology that ensures that trucks use less fuel. We do this by generating solar energy on board. We have called this technology SolarOnTop.

SolarOnTop consists of flexible, thin but robust solar panels, which we place on the roof of a truck trailer. Under the trailer we place an energy management system and a lithium battery, which acts as a buffer between the solar panels and the energy management system. This system continuously monitors the status of the truck and whether it needs to be charged to optimize fuel consumption. With this we achieve fuel savings of between five and six percent for diesel trucks, which is a significant step for the logistics sector. Aesthetics play no role here; after all, the top of a trailer is not visible to anyone.

When we talk about hybrid trucks (battery-electric or hydrogen-electric), SolarOnTop acts as a range extender. This allows you to drive longer thanks to the energy you generate with your truck. There are now about twenty trucks with our technology on board in Europe.

Bus companies also know where to find us. This type of transport, and certainly the long-distance buses, uses a lot of electricity; people charge their phones, and the use of air conditioning also plays a major role. At present, that energy is still generated by the diesel engine, which is inefficient, expensive and polluting. Everything we can do with electricity in a sustainable way is therefore included.

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