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Shared scooters now also in Wassenaar: ‘Proud that they are available in my native village’. In Wassenaar it has been possible for everyone to use a shared scooter since Wednesday. The municipality and Felyx, a supplier of electric scooter sharing, have entered into a partnership for this purpose.

Alderman Caroline Klaver-Bouman (VVD) signed the collaboration between the municipality of Wassenaar and Felyx on Wednesday morning. Maarten Poot, one of the founders of Felyx, was also present at the action on the Van Oldenbarneveltweg. Wassenaar is added to the sub-area from The Hague. This means that anyone who wants to go to or from Wassenaar can use the sustainable electric shared scooters from The Hague.

“Personally, I am proud that Felyx is now also available in my native village Wassenaar”, says Maarten Poot of Felyx. “With the beach, Duinrell, sports clubs, shops and soon Voorschoten station, there are many places that are ideally accessible with our electric shared scooters.”

“It is great that the electric shared scooters from The Hague can now also drive to and from Wassenaar,” adds Alderman Klaver. “This way everyone can travel faster from point A to point B in a conscious way and there is less CO2 and particulate emissions in the region.”

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