Pilot eVoltify with the Efteling (EN)

  • Pilot eVoltify with the Efteling (EN)

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The number of electric vehicles is growing. However, charging the vehicle, whether it is a car, bicycle or scooter, is not by definition worry-free. Because a charging station is not always present or available. eVoltify charges electric cars when the vehicle is parked in a public area.

Using a smartphone, the user submits a charging request. An eVoltify employee then charges the vehicle with special charging equipment. Customers do not have to worry about the availability of a charging station. This approach also prevents ‘post sticks’. eVoltify targets private and commercial electric vehicle users, including fleet owners.

The Netherlands, open to smart mobility solutions
The idea for a mobile charging solution was born in Spain, just like Fajardo itself. In Spain, the innovative charging solution met a lot of resistance. The bureaucracy also made it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary permits. In Spain you need permission from the municipality to run a pilot, and you have to contact many people, who are each responsible for their own part of the public space. ‘It is very different in the Netherlands,’ says Fajardo, who has lived and worked in our country for 6 years. In principle, a permit is not required in the Netherlands. Within a municipality you have one contact person for smart mobility who facilitates the process. That works nicely. In any case, there are fewer restrictions in the field of innovation, and people are more open to innovation. People were immediately positive about our approach and gave us constructive tips from the start on how we could further improve our offer. Moreover, the Dutch are happy to refer us to parties in their network that can help us further.’

So how soon will your mobile charging equipment actually be used?
Fajardo confirms this. EVoltify has already done a proof of concept at Efteling thanks to Mobility Lab. Several companies want to use the charging solution and EVoltify expects that they will commission/place the mobile charging unit next spring.

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