Pilot Klup with DELA (EN)

  • Pilot Klup with DELA (EN)

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Coöperatie DELA has become a cooperation partner of the social start-up Klup.

Klup is an app for people over 50 to meet like-minded people in an interactive way and to engage in fun activities together. The app contributes to a social and active life. Klup’s mission is to connect people within an active community. This ties in almost seamlessly with DELA’s bold goal to give more meaning to the lives of its members.

DELA connects
DELA has been broadening its services for some years now in order to give more meaning to the lives of its members. After initiatives related to the last phase of life and informal care, Klup is the third initiative.

DELA develops new products and services based on the idea of ​​’DELA connects’. ‘DELA connects’ is about being there for each other and taking care of each other. Helping each other gives you a nice feeling, it is fun, cozy and social. By placing more emphasis on the positive side, connection is created.

“The Klup app is a great and proven means of getting in touch with each other online. But offline you create the memories together, and that creates a bond. If we can create more solidarity among our members in this way, then the collaboration has been a success for us,” says innovation manager Sanne Geurtsen.

Social impact
The collaboration between DELA and Klup should contribute to the growth of the number of Kluppers (users) in the Netherlands and increase the social impact. The app has now been downloaded 50,000 times, more than 50,000 connections have been made and an average of around 100 activities per week take place via the app.

The investment in Klup is also made to offer members of the cooperative added value. DELA members receive a discount on future paid services from Klup. DELA also wants to learn from entrepreneurship and creativity within the startup.

Klup community manager Jaap (66 years old) sees the impact the app has on the lives of kluppers on a daily basis: “It is wonderful to see quiet and withdrawn newcomers change positively and to be included within the enthusiastic community. The Klup feeling is addictive and lives are really completely changed.”

Origin of Klup
Klup was founded by college friends Michelle Wolters and Michiel van den Berg. Klup’s idea arose when Michelle’s father was left alone and he moved from Brabant to Amsterdam just before that. But how do you find that Brabant cosiness in Amsterdam and how do you build a new network? After some research, they found out that there was no contemporary and, above all, fun ‘online’ way to do this. By developing Klup, a handy way to meet online and meet offline was created.

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