Gemeente Zoetermeer (EN)

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With Figo, anyone can find, share and use mobility services. The platform offers a fully digital solution for sharing mobility. The Hague University of Applied Sciences, MRDH and the municipality of Zoetermeer are conducting a pilot with Figo to give students of the university of applied sciences access via the platform to more mobility services in the neighbourhood, such as shared bicycles and shared scooters, in addition to public transport.

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Emons (EN)

The last test case consists of a four-month practical trial in collaboration with, among others, Vos Logistics from Oss and Emons Group from Milsbeek. The aim of this collaboration is to collect data for the production and certification of SolarOnTop.

High Tech Campus (EN)

Start-up Dreamwaves is experimenting at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven with an app that navigates you to your destination based on smart sounds.