Gemeente Den Haag (EN)

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Cargoroo’s electric neighborhood cargo bikes will be available to residents in The Hague from Sunday 15 September. This handy alternative to the car appears on the streets in nine neighborhoods in The Hague. With a large cargo box, seat belts for three children, MaxiCosi adapters and a range of 100 kilometers, the electric neighborhood cargo bike is the practical and environmentally friendly means of transport for families and entrepreneurs.

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Dura Vermeer (EN)

RLG makes a sustainable finish for roads and bicycle paths, using recycled glass instead of crushed stone. The product will be tested in the Dura Vermeer laboratory in the near future, after which it can be used in large-scale maintenance contracts that Dura has.

Gemeente Rotterdam (EN)

Shared scooter company Felyx will soon also offer its shared service in Rotterdam. Thanks to an investment of 2 million euros, 324 e-scooters will be put into circulation there, in addition to the 108 that are already driving around in Amsterdam.