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Transporters will soon be able to save around 6,000 kilos of CO2 and 2,500 euros in fuel per year by providing the roofs of trucks with solar panels. IM Efficiency, producer of ‘SolarOnTop’, is working together with a number of large transporters on a final practical test. Investors from the Netherlands and Belgium were attracted for the commercial introduction of SolarOnTop. IM Efficiency expects to fit around 4,000 trailers with solar panels in the Benelux in the short term.

The last test case, a four-month practical trial in collaboration with Vos Logistics from Oss and Emons Group from Milsbeek, will start next month. The aim of this collaboration is to collect data for the production and certification of SolarOnTop. The cooperation with partners from the automotive network will also be strengthened. IM Efficiency is therefore moving its activities to the Automotive Campus in Helmond.

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Gemeente Schiedam (EN)

Coding the curbs makes parking, loading and unloading places bookable. Companies, deliverers, carriers and service technicians can easily reserve their own space at a time when they need it. The municipality of Schiedam will test this new service at two locations in the city centre.

Dura Vermeer (EN)

RLG makes a sustainable finish for roads and bicycle paths, using recycled glass instead of crushed stone. The product will be tested in the Dura Vermeer laboratory in the near future, after which it can be used in large-scale maintenance contracts that Dura has.