Launching customers

To help our startups test we also need launching customers. These are parties with a mobility-related challenge where an innovative idea could be a solution. Together with a startup, they will test whether they can solve the challenge together. All kinds of parties can participate as a launching customer: governments, employers, but also foundations or SMEs. Will you join us?

What we look for in a launching customer:

You have a mobility-related challenge for which an innovative solution is welcome
You are willing to test a solution before rolling it out on a large scale
You are interested in collaborating with young, innovative companies
You have the means to facilitate a test (location, possible budget, mandate)
You want to realize this test in the region of Rotterdam / The Hague, Brabant, or Limburg

Timing of the program

Click on the image below to view the timeline of the program. The timeline is in Dutch. If you have any specific questions about the timing of program please e-mail

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