Buus Mobility (EN)

Buus is a SAAS platform for organizing and optimizing shuttle services.

Located: Wieringerwerf (Noord-Holland) 

What product or service does the startup provide?
Buus is a SAAS platform for organizing and optimizing shuttle services. Buus helps managers of companies to organize and automate the group transport of their employees and thus plan routes efficiently.

Who are the startup’s products or services intended for?
It is intended for companies and organizations with more than 100 employees who want to organize and improve accessibility for their employees through collective group transport (shuttle services).
Business areas – where several companies are located – are also very interesting for organizing the transport of their employees.
The problem owner is the ‘mobility manager’ of these companies. This is often someone from the Human Resources or Facilities department who is responsible for performing these tasks.

What problem does the startup solve exactly?
Hybrid working has become necessary. But hybrid working also presents a challenge: how do you organize the transport of your employees in a cheaper way? In addition to being environmentally unfriendly, a lease car is also very expensive for a few days a week. And public transport is not a solution for people who do not live near a station. Companies do not have the knowledge to come up with mobility solutions. In addition, there is a lack of digital tools that help to create efficient schedules, implement them in an easy way and communicate them to all involved. Bus solves this problem.