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Leiden, Netherlands-based Semiotic Labs, a provider of AI-driven predictive analytics, has announced that it has rebranded itself as Samotics and has also raised fresh capital.

Samotics’ fresh funding
Samotics will replace Semiotic Labs as the official company name, alongside a new visual identity and website. The company has also completed a fresh €5M in a funding round, for its future business strategy and growth targets.

Samotics’ CEO Jasper Hoogeweegen, says, “Samotics is working toward a future where 0 per cent unplanned downtime will be the new norm for organisations worldwide. We are passionate about helping customers achieve their goals and strive to become the leading provider in predictive maintenance globally. Samotics’ new brand identity and recent investment provides a solid foundation for this. Our plans for 2021 are focused on empowering more customers across more industries with best-in-class smart asset monitoring and analytics.”

New name
According to Samotics, it chose the name for two reasons. Firstly, it captures what the company offers: smart asset monitoring and analytics. And secondly, it ties in closely with its product, SAM4. SAM4 analyses current and voltage signals to detect over 90 per cent of electrical and mechanical faults up to five months before failure.

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