Receive, send and return parcels at a time that is convenient for you via neighbors. That is ViaTim in a nutshell. To make this possible, we are building a network of ViaPoints.

What is ViaTim
Convenience of modern (online) delivery at your front door from your neighborhood. ViaTim stems from the frustration that if you order something online, the package will be delivered at a time when you are not at home. Then you have to go to a collection point with limited waiting times until the package is delivered again tomorrow.

What does ViaTim do
ViaTim connects online flexibility with the physical world. To avoid missing a package, ViaTim uses ViaPoints. A ViaPoint is a neighbor who is at home to receive parcels and where you can pick up this parcel in the evening, or the neighbor delivers it to your home at a time that is convenient for you. This way you never have to miss a parcel delivery again.

If you want to return something, no problem, ViaTim will pick up the package at your home, label and ship and return it.

The testers
ViaTim now has 15 “social collection points” (the ViaPoints) in Rotterdam.

Recently an article about ViaTim appeared on ZuidWest TV.

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