Semiotic Labs

Semiotic Labs predicts when and why machines fail. Our customers use our Smart Condition Monitoring Services to schedule maintenance before machines fail. This increases operational reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

Who is Semiotic Labs for
Maintenance of machines is generally scheduled on the basis of ‘Mean Time Between Failure;. This is expensive: in many industries 95% of maintenance is too early, 5% late.

Semiotic Labs predicts when and why machines fail. By converting sensor data into patterns of behavior and analyzing these on the basis of Machine Learning, we learn to distinguish healthy from unhealthy patterns. This means maintenance is scheduled at the right time: before machines fail, or when performance deteriorates.

The product
Semiotic Labs is developing a sensor that measures 50,000 currents per second from an electric motor. This detects disturbances in the magnetic field. These disturbances are converted into information about the condition of the electric motor and the component that is driven by the motor: a pump, compressor or, for example, bridge.We want to provide Rotterdam bridges with such sensors. This enables us to predict when and why the bridges will fail, so that the municipality can schedule maintenance before traffic is inconvenienced by failure.

Semiotic Labs has monitored the electric motors of the Erasmus Bridge and the Binnenhaven Bridge in order to be able to predict failure due to failure. The pilot was being carried out on behalf of the municipality of Rotterdam.

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