What product or which service does your startup provide?
With FIGO everyone can find, share and use the best mobility services. The platform provides a fully digital mobility sharing solution while creating a win-win for the parties involved. FIGO increases customer satisfaction with an easy user journey, significantly reduces fixed costs, provides access to the best mobility services and provides significant revenue growth for shared mobility providers. One app, one login, all your mobility.

Who are the products or services intended for?
Business users want national coverage, different mobility types (mopeds, bicycles and cars) in one app and all this via Single Sign-on. As a result, decision makers rely on leased cars and are unable to meet their employees’ need to use shared mobility. A huge missed opportunity in the Netherlands and beyond. Our service is therefore aimed at the business market.

Which problem does your startup solve exactly?
We solve a two-sided problem of supply and demand. The provider of the partial service sees understaffing on weekdays being converted into a healthy revenue stream. Business users want a nationwide solution, which a single provider is unable to offer. On the demand side, we offer users a fully integrated mobility dashboard. This dashboard helps HR and mobility managers to manage budgets, understand usage and track sustainability goals. The employee benefits from a business solution that he/she can also use privately. Win-win-win.

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With FIGO everyone can find, share and use the best mobility services.