We all know a bicycle parkingstructures. But Feetzdock is slightly different. This special bicycle parking space is automated and can store many bicycles in a small area. Feetzdock can be placed above ground, underground and on the water.

The problem
We all know places where there is a shortage of bicycle parking facilities. And what you often encounter in these types of places is damage to your bicycle and bicycle thefts.

The solution
Feetzdock offers fully automated bicycle parking. The user can then park safely without anyone or anything reaching the bicycle. There is also room for extra luggage. It is a fully automated (underground and / or above-ground) bicycle shed where the bicycle can be parked and picked up very quickly and easily (24 hours a day), with an associated payment system.

The pilot
A pilot with Feetzdock ran at the busy public transport junction Meijersplein in Rotterdam. The prototype, which has room for 64 bicycles, was tested for user-friendliness and pricing.