Buurtstallingen (EN)

Neighborhood parking facilities do not offer parking facilities at neighborhood level, but at neighborhood level, which are filled with partial transport.

Located: Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland)

What product or service does the startup provide?
Buurtstallingen doesn’t offer parking facilities for a more general surrounding area, but for specific neighborhoods, which are filled with shared transport solutions. Think of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery bikes, cargo bikes and e-scooters. So there is a suitable offer for every neighborhood.

Who are the startup’s products or services intended for?
The Buurtstallingen products are intended for people who are mainly in the lower and middle groups. Being small and with little or no budget space.

What problem does the startup solve exactly?
Buurtstallingen would like to help bring the city back to a human scale at district and neighborhood level. So that: – the number of fatalities goes to zero (safety), – the streets and squares can be made greener (CO2 and temperature lower), – people can work in the district and neighborhoods (poverty reduction), – local residents can contact their social contacts, sports, education and work can go on in the most sustainable way (mobility poverty alleviation), – and get and stay active (health).