Current and previous startups

Since 2017, Mobility Lab helps promising start-ups from home and abroad with a first pilot in practice. View all startups from previous editions here.


LEAP24 offers fast charging infrastructure for delivery vans and trucks in business parkinglots.

ByeWaste (EN)

ByEwaste makes recycling electronic equipment easy.

GeoJunxion (EN)

GeoJunxion creates zones around schools that can be used in, among other things, navigation and route planning systems.

Navya (EN)

NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are dedicated to first and last mile transportation, and independent of all infrastructure.

Matrixian Group (EN)

The Matrixian Public Space Platform efficiently manages public space.

Mobility Sensing (EN)

Mobility Sensing makes a sensor called StreetSense that counts traffic, measures the temperature of the road surface and measures whether the road surface is dry or wet.

TripService (EN)

TripService is a travel planner for specific events and destinations.

Courier Connect (EN)

With Courier Connect you can send parcels with couriers who are already going in the right direction.

Mego Mobility (EN)

Mego Mobility operates the Klushub sharing concept: a sharing system consisting of transfer locations around the city, called Klushubs.