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In the coming months, Mobility Lab participant Mobimiles will work to reward sustainable travel behaviour among Erasmus MC employees. Together with the Traffic Company, Mobimiles is joining forces to look for the most innovative, feasible and circular idea during the Erasmus MC ‘Sustainability Week’ to make the organization more sustainable.

Effort is rewarded
During the Week of Sustainability (10 to 14 October), Erasmus MC in Rotterdam will launch the ‘Sustainable Erasmus MC idea 2021’, a competition in which all entries are welcome and assessed on originality, uniqueness, applicability, feasibility (within a years to implement) and circularity. In collaboration with the Traffic Company, the first 25 applicants for a good idea receive a thank you for their effort, namely: two months of free use of the Mobimiles savings program. In this way, Mobimiles will have the opportunity to test its innovation in practice and Erasmus MC employees will be motivated to participate in the best sustainable idea of ​​2021.

Mobimiles: saving for sustainable gifts
Mobimiles is a new rewards program for employees who travel to, from and for work in a sustainable way. Cycling, walking, public transport, electric driving: it all falls under sustainable travel, as long as it does not emit CO2 or particulate matter. These sustainable journeys are rewarded with Mobimiles, or savings points. At any time, an employee can exchange these points in the webshop for a sustainable gift: from organic water bottles to sustainably produced cycling clothing. Hans-Peter Schilte, project manager sustainability explains why Erasmus MC supports the pilot: “Given its sustainable nature, Erasmus MC is happy to participate in this pilot of Mobimiles and it is fantastic that it can be combined with the activities that are organized during the Week of Sustainability.

How does the pilot work?
During the months of November and December 2021, the first 25 idea applicants from Erasmus MC will register their sustainable trips in an app. In this way, the sustainable journeys are converted into Mobimiles, or digital points for the number of sustainable kilometers traveled. Afterwards, the employees exchange the saved money for a sustainable gift or activity in the Mobimiles webshop. Naturally, the following applies: the more sustainable kilometers are travelled, the more Mobimiles saved and the more choice in the webshop. Mobimiles founder Teus van Grootveld is enthusiastic about the pilot: “This is a wonderful test case for us. We are very curious about the reactions of participants about saving and the content of the webshop. This gives us input to further optimize our initiative.”

From 8 October, the website www.mobimiles.nl will provide you with everything you need to know about this new initiative and the pilot with Erasmus MC.

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