Pilot VoorDeThuiswerkers with Ways2Go (EN)

  • Pilot VoorDeThuiswerkers with Ways2Go (EN)

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The fifth edition of Mobility Lab has been successfully concluded. From 65 applications no less, at home and abroad, 25 startups were selected for the prime mobility startup program. After speed dates with more than 100 potential launching customers, 12 startups assured themselves of a collaboration with a first client. So far, more than 34 million euros in funding has been raised by the 75 participants from all five editions.

Start-up VoorDeThuisWerkers also conducted a practical test. Together with Ways2Go, VoorDeThuiswerkers conducted a test this fall, in which self-employed workers with the need to rent a workspace (without any security) could use an empty hotel room to work.

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