Pilot Smesh-E-Axle with A. Jansen B.V. (EN)

  • Pilot Smesh-E-Axle with A. Jansen B.V. (EN)

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A. Jansen B.V. and Smesh-E-Axle are entering into a pilot partnership to test the innovative drive shaft in practice.

A. Jansen B.V. has been offering sustainable and innovative solutions for infrastructure, recycling and concrete for over 50 years. All disciplines under one roof and circularly connected. They process residual materials from recycling and infrastructure work into certified secondary raw materials for use in concrete products. By using our own transport, links in the chain are connected to each other.

A. Jansen B.V. provides 1 or 2 trucks where the rear axle will be installed. The regular diesel-powered trucks are monitored and tracked with GPS techniques. This will also happen with the trucks with the Smesh-E-Axle. In this way we can compare a conventional truck with the same deployment, the same type of work, with the trucks with the Smesh-E-Axle. These comparisons should show whether the shaft performs well and what could be improved.

Mobility Lab Event
During the Mobility Lab Event on December 9, Rino Both, Marketing Manager Smesh-E-Axle and Han Heijsters, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager met A. Jansen. B.V., talking about the collaboration.

Rino: ”We were looking for people with common sense who understand that our solution is the future. In A. Jansen B.V. we found such a party. To take our innovation a step further, we will work with pilot companies to prove the drive shaft in practice. We are looking forward to a good collaboration with A. Jansen B.V.!”

Han: ’’For A. Jansen B.V. sustainable business operations are an important pillar. We close chains by making concrete from recycled material and transporting it with our own transport, to save time and fuel. The economical and innovative drive axle from Smesh-E-Axle is a promising system for taking sustainable transport a big step further. We are happy to work with that.”

Practical test
In December, the Smesh-E-Axle prototype will undergo an independent performance test at the GreenMot automotive test center in France, including using standardized VECTO driving cycles of a 40-tonne electric truck.

After the test process at Greenmot, the next step is to test and validate the Smesh-E-Axle in practice.

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