Pilot Pontiflex with the Municipality of Helmond (EN)

  • Pilot Pontiflex with the Municipality of Helmond (EN)

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On Wednesday, October 4, the Let’s Go Event! of Mobility Lab takes place on the RDM Campus in Rotterdam. A successful conclusion to a successful second edition. The participating startups presented their results and findings. Together they raised no less than 5.5 million euros in investments.

It soon became clear that the sixteen startups have not been sitting still. Pontiflex, for example, installed two sustainable, biocomposite bridges for cyclists and pedestrians in Helmond.

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Pilot Semiotic Labs with the Municipality of Rotterdam (EN)

The sensors of Semiotic Labs currently monitor the Erasmus Bridge and the Binnenhaven Bridge, and indicate in good time if maintenance is necessary.


Pilot DeltaTower with Heijmans (EN)

DeltaTower held a demo at Heijmans with a sustainable system for communication via, among other things, matrix boards and signposting.