Pilot Felyx with the Municipality of Rotterdam (EN)

  • Pilot Felyx with the Municipality of Rotterdam (EN)

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In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the green Felyx scooters have been defining the street scene for some time now. In March 2019, The Hague will also join with two hundred scooters. The electric scooters currently have as many as 50,000 users and there will be more soon.

“Felyx fits well in cities where many people live within a relatively small space,” said co-founder Quinten Selhorst in AD. “Eindhoven, for example, could be a good next step. In Rotterdam we see a very high use per scooter. There could easily be more.” Selhorst also sees growth opportunities internationally and next year you can even take out a subscription to Felyx.

Felyx took part in the second edition of Mobility Lab this year. The startup offers shared electric scooters on a ride basis, for €0.30/min. Via the app you can locate, reserve and activate the nearest scooter. Click here for more information

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