Pilot DeltaTower with Heijmans (EN)

  • Pilot DeltaTower with Heijmans (EN)

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Mobility Lab is a government program in which start-ups with a mobility innovation are supported for nine months. During the program, start-ups are linked to a first customer, with whom they can test their idea. The third edition of Mobility Lab took place in 2019. A total of 70 start-ups and 40 organizations with mobility challenges applied. The fourteen best start-ups were selected from these, from which thirteen pilots subsequently emerged. Five of these will take place in Brabant and Limburg, eight will take place in the Rotterdam/The Hague region. Together, the start-ups raised 2.7 million euros in funding.

DeltaTower held a demo at Heijmans with a sustainable system for communication via, among other things, matrix boards and signposting.

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