Pilot Byewaste with Irado (EN)

  • Pilot Byewaste with Irado (EN)

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In the Babberspolder district in Vlaardingen, a trial was started in September with free home collection of books, (small) electrical appliances, toys and textiles. These so-called BEST items can still be reused or recycled. Byewaste BV is the driving force behind this initiative, which is being carried out in collaboration with Irado, thrift store Het Goed, Mobility Lab and the municipality of Vlaardingen. Residents of the trial area can use an app to schedule a collection time, after which the BEST items will be collected by Het Goed.

BEST items such as books, (small) electrical appliances, toys and textiles are materials that often end up in the residual waste. The free collection of these items at home makes it easy for residents to separate these items: they are collected from their homes at a time that is convenient for them. The collected items are repaired and sold by Het Goed if necessary. Items that can no longer be reused go to the recycling center to be offered for recycling.

How does it work?
The residents in the trial area will receive an information package containing a sticker at their home address. They are then prompted to download the Byewaste app (for iOS and Android). Using the Byewaste app, you can make an appointment for the pick-up service at home. Put the items that need to be picked up in a box or bag and stick the sticker on it. Place the BEST items in front of the door on the collection day so that thrift store Het Goed can pick up the items. † It is not necessary to stay at home for this. Only BEST items can be picked up with this service. For bulky waste, an appointment can be made via Irado.

About the collaboration
Irado and Byewaste work together to improve the environment. Byewaste is an environmental organization born at TU Delft. Together with Irado they are looking for the best way to collect materials that are no longer used. Items that can be reused, or recycled properly. This allows us to recover raw materials and reduce the amount of residual waste. That is a gain for the environment. Mobility Lab and the municipality of Vlaardingen support this initiative. The Good picks up the stuff.

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