Pilot Amber Mobility with Fontys (EN)

  • Pilot Amber Mobility with Fontys (EN)

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Last Friday, the pilot started with Amber’s electric shared cars. The BMW i3s are offered on the Rachelsmolen campus (Eindhoven) and the Stappegoor campus (Tilburg) for employees who need a car to go to work appointments.

The pilot is already a great success. Many colleagues have created an account at Amber with which they can make a reservation. That is good news. The downside is that the Amber cars available for Fontys are now largely reserved. Fontys and Amber are discussing the possibility of deploying more cars at Rachelsmolen and Stappegoor.

To avoid having to disappoint colleagues and refuse reservations, we are temporarily not allowing new users. You can still apply for an account at Amber, but activation will take a while. As soon as cars are available again, new users will be admitted.

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