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The Port of Rotterdam Authority and FlickBike, a Mobility Lab startup, have started a pilot with shared bicycles in the Botlek area. These shared bicycles are available at all Connexxion bus stops in the Botlek and can be used for the last leg to work.

With the FlickBike, employees get to work faster. The bicycle is easy to remove from the special bicycle shed and can be taken to work. On the way back, the bicycle can be put back in the rack at the bus stop.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority makes it possible for all employees to use the bicycle for free in April. After that, the use of the bicycle costs € 1,- per half hour.


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A. Jansen B.V. (EN)

A. Jansen B.V. provides 1 or 2 trucks where the rear axle will be installed. The regular diesel-powered trucks are monitored and tracked with GPS techniques.

Gemeente Venlo (EN)

Nice if you can read how many parking spaces are still available when entering a city. It would be nicer if you could automatically drive to a parking space reserved for you. This is possible if you could process all data from all vehicles driving in the city, the parking wishes and all available parking spaces in one system. The Amsterdam Peazy offers that solution. In 2019, Peazy helped the municipality of Venlo with decisions regarding their parking policy.