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As of today, a KPN water taxi is sailing on the Rotterdam Maas. Currently with a captain, but with the ambition to allow the boat to sail autonomously in the long term, on the KPN network.

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Hub 010 (EN)

At HUB010 on the outskirts of Rotterdam it is possible to carry out the last-mile route with emission-free vehicles. The company is pleased with the arrival of Mego Mobility. Joost de Maat of HUB010: “At our location we have the option to consolidate loads, temporarily store them or transfer them to one of our zero-emission vehicles.”

Emons (EN)

The last test case consists of a four-month practical trial in collaboration with, among others, Vos Logistics from Oss and Emons Group from Milsbeek. The aim of this collaboration is to collect data for the production and certification of SolarOnTop.