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Following Amsterdam, Rotterdam is also interested in the ‘job hubs’ of Mobility Lab participant Mego Mobility. Logistics company HUB010 has been running a pilot with this new EV sub-system for professionals in the construction, maintenance and installation sector since this week. The Rotterdam glass and facade cleaner ACW B.V. uses the sharing service. In the meantime, other companies and municipalities, including Technische Unie and the municipality of Den Bosch, have also shown interest in the services of Mego Mobility.

The municipality of Rotterdam is one of the municipalities that is already actively working towards a cleaner, emission-free city center. City logistics will change drastically in the coming years. Among other things, through the use of zero-emission zones, light electric vehicles and city hubs. Vlot Logistics is responding to this with the HUB010 initiative with the aim of providing solutions for reducing urban transport movements, reducing emissions and a clean living environment.

At HUB010 on the outskirts of Rotterdam it is possible to carry out the last-mile route with emission-free vehicles. The company is therefore pleased with the arrival of Mego Mobility. Joost de Maat of HUB010: “At our location we have the option to consolidate loads, temporarily store them or transfer them to one of our zero-emission vehicles.” HUB010 thus contributes to achieving an efficient and sustainable handling of the logistics process. The services of Mego Mobility fit in perfectly with this..

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Provincie Noord-Brabant (EN)

Studio RAP is developing an algorithm based on which a public transport location can be converted into a hub (a central location from which different modes of transport can be used).

Gemeente Rotterdam (EN)

Shared scooter company Felyx will soon also offer its shared service in Rotterdam. Thanks to an investment of 2 million euros, 324 e-scooters will be put into circulation there, in addition to the 108 that are already driving around in Amsterdam.